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Some two million Roma (the official name for Gypsies) live in Romania. The similarity in the names is coincidental.
Romani people (Roma in Romani; Țigani in Romanian) in Romania, Gipsy, constitute one of the country's largest minorities. According to the 2011 census, they number 621,573 people or 3.3% of the total population, being the second-largest ethnic minority in Romania after Hungarians.

The Romani people originate from the northern India, presumably from the northwestern Indian states Rajasthan and Punjab and migrated as a group.

The accession of Romania to the European Union in 2007 led many members of the Romani minority, the most socially disadvantaged ethnic group in Romania, to migrate en masse to various Western European countries (mostly to Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, France) hoping to find a better life. The exact number of emigrants is unknown. In 2007 Florin Cioabă, an important leader of the Romani community (also known as the "King of all Gypsies") declared in an interview that he worried that Romania may lose its Romani minority. However, the next population census in 2011 showed a substantial rise in those recording Romani ethnicity.