Why Volunteer?

If you volunteer with us, you'll:

  • experience real community life ion Romania, working and living alongside local people
  • explore beautiful Transylvania
  • be part of an ethical volunteering experience
  • gain practical work experience
  • be supported every step of the way
Care2Travel supports Romanian charities and government agencies, to help identify, establish and maintain responsible and sustainable volunteer placements that provide a real value within the community.

Our aim is to work with and for the community.

Care2Travel provides training and guidance to both the volunteers and local organisations ensuring that every volunteer placement has both the capacity and capability to operate effectively.

We chose our honest partners thoughtfully, and prepare our volunteers carefully.

Volunteers provide support to a community in need whilst gaining a life changing experience,
Placements are organized so that local and international volunteers work alongside each other providing a great cultural learning experience.

We believe that with a better understanding of the world and the cultures and the people within it, comes increased tolerance and harmony.