Since it's registration in 2011 Care2Travel is fortunate to work with a growing number of successful partners. As per 2021 our main partners are the following:

Our partnership with International Volunteer HQ is prosperous since 2014 and we have received close to 500 volunteers with their help.

Providing the most teams of volunteers, World Challenge is one of our biggest partners. We are working together since 2013 and hosted more than 10 various sized groups through them.

Since our accreditation at European Solidarity Corps which is one of the largest EU your program we have received funding for 3 projects, hosting altogether 11 volunteers.

One of our newest partners. Rainbow Village Garden helps us to find volunteers for our programs. We have already started hosting volunteers through them.

Our local partner that organizes meetings and conferences among the local community to improve and further their work and impact. They've also made it possible for us through one of their events, the FussNeki Csík, to acquire a large marquee, a trailer and 3 sets of benches and tables.

A local event where the organizations and civil groups of Csíkszereda can propose their demands towards their fellow citizens and support each other financially to achieve their plans. This event made is possible for us to buy a large tent, trailer and benches and tables for our outdoor summer camps and we are looking forward every year to take part of it.