Why Care2Travel?

Locally based 
C2T is a grass roots volunteering charity that operates within the country it seeks to support.
C2T has a comprehensive understanding of Romanian civil society thus enabling us to establish volunteer projects that meet the needs of community.
C2T understands the local culture and traditions therefore enabling us to appropriately brief volunteers.

Not for profit
We do not seek to cut costs or to increase revenue and maximize profits we seek to provide quality volunteer experiences that have far reaching benefits

Responsible Volunteering
Independently selected and carefully chosen volunteer placements.
Properly recruited and well-informed volunteers.
High level of support provided to both volunteers and local partners.
A promise to strive towards continuous improvement through rigorous feedback and evaluation.

Responsible Tourism
Tours led by a team of local experts who use local services.
Our team have a passion for their surrounding environment. They want to share this with others whilst at the same time protecting it.
By engaging in sustainable tourism we aim to promote the concept of sustainable and responsible tourism locally.
Our tourist activities help to fund our charity and make us a self-sustaining social enterprise.

Experienced, friendly, flexible  team 
All C2T staff have past volunteering experience and an understand as to what makes volunteering work.
We provide flexible start dates that accommodate both volunteers and local partners.
Our tour itineraries can be adapted to the needs of the individual/group.

Integrity & Transparency
We clarify all costs prior to booking and are always open to explain exactly how and where funds are allocated.
We strive for honesty in all that we do, delivering what we promise and keeping firm to our core values and beliefs.

Multiple benefits
Local charities and schools gain volunteers who add value to their services.
Local charities learn how to effectively work with volunteers.
Volunteers gain practical work experience and enhance their personal development.
Local economy boasted with volunteers being fed and accommodated locally.
Local students gain practical work experience, enhance their personal development and improve their English.

Local tourism trade boosted.
Tourists get a real taste of Transylvania and an unforgettable experience.
The following concepts are spread internationally: active citizenship, cultural sensitivity and tolerance, sustainable tourism, responsible travel.

Low prices in order to enhance the accessibility of volunteering and to allow volunteers and tourists alike the chance to experience real Romania on a budget.

Risk assessments implemented for every project and tourist activity.
Health and safety induction for each project.
C2T coordinator is available 24-7 in-case of an emergency.