Charity that travels far !
Charity that travels far !

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Volunteering / Local partners / Green Szekler Foundation (Zöldszekely Alapítvány)

History: Founded in November 2005 in Miercurea Ciuc (Csíkszzereda in Hungarian) by a group of local students as a non-political, non-profitable, environmental and tourism oriented association.
The association’s aims are the exploration and remediation of environment related problems, the preservation of the natural elements and core green values and the support and application of environmental research.  At the same time it aims to form and stimulate an environmentally conscious attitude mainly around the local youth. In order to achieve its aims the association utilises volunteers (local and international) who help to spread awareness.

The association’s objectives are:
  • Conscious education to popularize environmentally sound behaviour.
  • The support and application of new environmental research, theories and technologies.
  • The encouragement of explorations made by young researchers and associations regarding environmental protection.
  • The observation and remediation of local environmental problems.
Location: based in Miercurea Ciuc the capital city of Harghita county.

Current volunteer placement:

Environmental Awareness Placement
Volunteers team up with this young and dynamic organisation helping to spread awareness through education, research and direct action. The ability to share ideas and introduce new practices is encouraged.