Charity that travels far !
Charity that travels far !

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Aim: To support early years child development and rehabilitation with a particular focus on prevention. Prosperity Vitae is a pioneering institution for children with all kinds of neurological and or psychological disorders.

The organisation employs a range of professionals and offers the following therapies: physiotherapy, cognitive educational therapy, psychotherapy, art therapy (music & puppets) and family therapy
Location Based in the heart of the Transylvanian countryside in the village of Csíkszentmárton. They receive patients from numerous surrounding villages. There is now high demand for the services that they provide especially as the majority of their services are free or highly subsidised.

History: The Prosperity Vitae association was established in Sep 2010. The building in which they are located is owned by the government but had been empty for many years. During the Communist era it was a large orphanage. After it's closure it was renovated by a Hungarian, Child Rescue association whose original aim was to create a placement centre for children with disabilities. However the laws changed and this type of institute was forbidden. Since this time, various associations have tried to provide services in the premises but have had limited success. Prosperity Vitae however, have now been operating successfully since September 2010. The organisation has gone from strength to strength as attitudes in the villages have begun to change and families realise the importance of early years development and intervention. Unfortunately however it is common that the association has to send children away mainly due to operating at full capacity or for lacking specialised knowledge.

to get their staff specialized in further therapies: i.e. stimulation therapies especially for brain damaged children, psychotherapy for autistic children, music, art therapy.

Current volunteer placement:
Physiotherapy support to children and young adults
C2T Volunteers work alongside the physiotherapists assisting where possible and gaining invaluable practical experience.

Additional projects
2011 Summer – C2T coordinated a bespoke dual garden renovation and summer camp. (Add picture “ PV Summer Camp”)