Charity that travels far !
Charity that travels far !

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Volunteering / Local partners / The Chance Foundation (Esély Alapítvány)

History: Zsuzsa Pupák, a physical education teacher for 26 years established the chance foundation in 2002. For 7 years she was the only employee. In 2009 she finally managed to get funds to hire another full-time employee.
Aim: After identifying a lack of physiotherapists in the region she took it upon herself to create a service that provided physiotherapy and kinesitherapy to individuals with physical and psychological disabilities.  
Location: Currently the foundation is located in the heart of the deprived city of Gheorgheni (Gyergyószentmiklós in Hungarian). With services being provided from 1 small room. In 2011 they were given the opportunity to move to a more spacious location however it needed renovation. This work is currently being carried out as and when funds are gained.

Current volunteer placement:
Physiotherapy support to children and young adults
C2T Volunteers work alongside the physiotherapists assisting where possible and gaining invaluable practical experience.