Charity that travels far !
Charity that travels far !

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Volunteering / Local partners / The General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection (DGASPC)

(Direcția Generală de Asistență Socială și Protecția Copilului) History: The DGASPC originated out of the PHARE program one of the three pre-accession instruments financed by the European Union to assist the applicant countries of Central and Eastern Europe in their preparations for joining the European Union. In 2007/8 Romania took over the full responsibility for the management of the Phare programme through a process of Extended Decentralisation. The DGASPC was one organisation that was formed as a result of the “extended decentralisation.”
The DGASPC’s role is to coordinate the provision of social care to vulnerable members of society in Romania
The DGASPC is a national organisation with each county having its own branch however the services provided can vary greatly from county to county and cooperation and communication is often lacking. Currently Care2Travel work with Harghita county DGASPC providing volunteers and support where needed.

Current volunteer placement:
Childcare and teaching Placements
Within Harghita there are numerous residential care homes for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The children in these homes are predominantly separated from their parents for the following reasons: death of parents, missing parents, parents whose parental rights were withdrawn, poverty, abuse / neglect, child with disability, parent with disability.

C2T Volunteers work at these homes teaching English and providing additional care and support to the children and carers.

Additional projects
2012 Spring – C2T coordinated a bespoke 3 week garden renovation project for 2 care homes.

2012, 2013  Summer – C2T coordinated Summer camps for children from 9 different care homes. Add picture “Summer Camp 2012”