Charity that travels far !
Charity that travels far !

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Volunteering / What we do

Our services
  • Rewarding, hands-on volunteering experiences, where you get the chance to work in the heart of the local community.

      Individual / pair volunteering

Group volunteering

Join one of our English summer camps and together with our local team of volunteers you can help bring laughter, learning and support to the lives of those less fortunate.

  • Care2Travel offer an array of exciting adventure tours and activities where you get the chance to explore the hidden Romania.

Volunteering is the main activity of Care2Travel however in order to improve our financial sustainability we introduced tours and activities to the mix. The tourism was a natural progression after experiencing numerous volunteers expressing a wish to travel on their days off.

Free Conversational English Club

Quiz Night

How we work:
Our aim is to work with and for the community
  • Care2Travel provides training and guidance to both the volunteers and local organizations ensuring that every volunteer placement has both the capacity and capability to operate effectively.
We choose our host partners thoughtfully, and prepare our volunteers carefully.
  • Volunteers provide support to a community in need whilst gaining a life changing experience. See “Why Volunteer ” for a full explanation of the volunteer “two-way exchange”.
  • Placements are organized so that local and international volunteers work alongside each other providing a great cultural learning experience.
We believe that with a better understanding of the world and the cultures and people within in it, comes increased tolerance and harmony.