Donate financially / Via Paypal

To send money via Paypal all you need is your own personal Paypal account and the email address connected with Care2Travel's Paypal account which is:
Please state "Donation" in the notes section of the transfer.

The sending method is quite simple:
Step 1. Log in to your PayPal account.
Step 2. Click Send Money and follow the on-screen instructions.
Examples of how we use your money
  1. Summer Camps – each year Care2Travel organizes numerous summer camps for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. To finance these camps we rely on the financial support of our volunteers and the general public.
  2. Running costs  such as paying the salaries of staff who work all year round to deliver our work and who ensure we are effective and accountable.
  3. Car – whether it be transporting volunteers to and from the airport, delivering materials to and from our summer camps or emergency visits to volunteers in need we could not do this without a car. Petrol and car maintenance do not come cheap so any help towards these costs would be extremely useful.
  4. Volunteer Accommodation – in order to make sure our volunteers are accommodated properly we are maintaining the volunteer accommodation as well as we can. For this we need to keep it clean, well organized, pay the amenities and repair/upgrade various devices which all need lots of efforts.