Donate financially / 2% of your Tax

Are you working in Romania? Are you paying tax here? Would you like to donate 2% of your tax to help promote volunteering in your country?

Care2Travel is working towards being financially sustainable. We are however a young association & are realistic that this will take time to achieve. In the meantime we rely on kind donations from the general public to help us improve the services that we offer and make our working life a little easier.

You can donate 2% of your tax to Care2Travel and support our various different volunteer activities that work for the good of your communities.

What do you need to do?
Step 1.
A. If you have income only from salary.
Please fill out form 230 with your personal details (I.) and sign.
B. If you have income from other sources (civil agreements, rental and leasing, etc.).
Please complete statement 200, section III.2

Step 2.
Send the full declaration via post or, hand it in personally at your local Financial Administration before 15th  of May each year.
The salary or the amount paid in taxes should not be mentioned, it is automatically calculated by the financial authorities.

Organization data:
Association Care2Travel 
Bank Account Number (IBAN):

Examples of how we use your money

  1. Summer Camps – each year Care2Travel organizes numerous summer camps for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. To finance these camps we rely on the financial support of our volunteers and the general public.
  2. Running costs  such as paying the salaries of staff who work all year round to deliver our work and who ensure we are effective and accountable.
  3. Car – whether it be transporting volunteers to and from the airport, delivering materials to and from our summer camps or emergency visits to volunteers in need we could not do this without a car. Petrol and car maintenance do not come cheap so any help towards these costs would be extremely useful.
  4. Volunteer Accommodation – in order to make sure our volunteers are accommodated properly we are maintaining the volunteer accommodation as well as we can. For this we need to keep it clean, well organized, pay the amenities and repair/upgrade various devices which all need lots of efforts.