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GlobalGiving is a non-profit crowd funding platform that allows organisation like ours to continue supporting the community. It provides an easy way for you to learn about our current projects, and easily donate to our cause. Every few months we show updates to let our donors where your donations are going and how they are helping the community.  

Care2Travel runs Summer Camps in Transylvania which aims to provide disadvantaged children with week-long camps to learn English via games, sport and arts & crafts. We give them the chance to play and interact with other children and with local and international volunteers. Our teams create weekly schedules of activities that keep the children entertained and active, as well as language classes run by native English speakers to help the children practice English.

Care2Travel will provide after-school programs in Transylvanian schools with high concentrations of Roma children to provide them the necessary skills and support to discontinue the cycle of poverty that their families have experienced for generations. Our program will bring in specialised teachers after school to ensure these disadvantaged children can perform at the social and educational level they are expected to, while keeping them fed and off the streets.

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