Charity that travels far !
Charity that travels far !

News / Student group from Qatar come to work as Agricultural volunteers for 10 days


From the 4th-13th May Care2Travel were joined by 13 students and 2 group leaders from the Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. The group were based at the Szent Ferenc Foundatation's child protection home in Csíksomlyó. The group came to immerse themselves in a different culture, to learn, to travel and most importantly to give back to the community that were hosting them. Their tasks included helping to maintain the agricultural land belonging to the Szent Ferenc foundation (raking, weeding, turning the soil, planting), cleaning the waste from areas of natural beauty, interacting with the youth from the home to help improve their English and cultural awareness and attending Care2Travels English club. The group came with open minds and hearts and a willingness to help and learn. We couldn't have asked for more from a volunteer group.

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