Childcare Placements

Approximately 82,000 children live in state care many of whom are children left behind by parents migrating to other countries in search of better job opportunities or who are deemed ‘unfit’ by the state. With weaknesses in preventive and integrated community-based services, combined with poor family care practices, resources in care homes are often stretched to the limit meaning children miss out on the education and nurturing they truly deserve.

Volunteers on the Childcare project will provide support to the carers in their numerous ‘parenting’ tasks. These tasks can include cleaning, educating and helping to keep the children happy and safe. During the school term volunteers will spend a couple of hours ​in the morning ​preparing for afternoon activities, and will then join the children​ for activities​ once they return home from school. The volunteers work in small groups with the children and try to reinforce the English learned at school using fun activities and games, “non-formal education”. By spending one on one time with the children volunteers are providing the attention that many of these children so desperately crave.

The Childcare project is ideal for volunteers who are interested in working in an unstructured environment, providing care to toddlers and primary school aged children who have been displaced by the state. During the summer holidays, less focus is on learning and the volunteers have freedom to introduce games and activities related to their own hobbies and interests. It’s important to note that volunteers on the Childcare project are required to participate for a minimum duration of 4 weeks.