Sustainable Agriculture Placement

The Agriculture project places volunteers within an organisation that provides shelter and support to disadvantaged youth. The organisation is attempting to become increasingly self-sufficient by growing their own fruit, vegetables, herbs and rearing their own animals. In essence, creating micro-eco farms. The hope is that slowly each home will no longer have to rely on the dwindling finances from the state and also the children will grow up understanding where their food has comes from, and have the knowledge to pursue a career in agriculture, if they wish. On occasion, volunteers are able to work alongside the youth from these homes, helping to maintain the land and animals. Throughout the year, volunteers also have the opportunity to supplement their volunteer time by teaching English within the homes if they have an interest to do so.

Specific roles will vary depending on the location and time of year, but may include​: weeding, harvesting, watering, planting and cultivating the herbs, fruit, and vegetables, raking, and feeding the animals.