Summer Camp Placements

To combat this, each year Care2Travel organise summer camps for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. These camps are only possible with the help and support from volunteers both local and international.  

For further information about the roles, requirements and general placement information please download our Summer camp Information doc. | Example Summer camp timetable 

The price to volunteer on one of our summer camps varies from year to year depending on what funding and sponsorship can be obtained and the size and experience of the group wanting to volunteer. We advise volunteers to expect a participation fee of at least €200  for 8 days in Romania which includes the following:

prior communication, pick-up and drop off from arrival destination, accommodation, 3 meals a day during the camp,  in-country management, administration costs and a small donation to the Care2Travel association.

Not included – Travel costs, food and personal allowance.

To understand why we charge to volunteer  please refer to our “Why Pay to volunteer” section.

Between 8 – 10 days.

Dates for our 2014 summer camps
  • Camp 1 = July 25th – August 1st
  • Camp 2 = August 1st – August 8th
  • Camp 3 = August 8th – August 15th
  • Camp 4 = August 22nd  – August 29th

How to volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering:

Please note that all volunteer placements working with children require a criminal record check and a reference letter.

We welcome all questions and queries and these can be directed to: