Volunteer Work Camps

Care2Travel has a portfolio of work camp projects  for all different types of volunteer groups, whether you are team of skilled workers, or just a young group with  lots of motivation.
Our  commitment - never to create a work camp if the local need or want is not there. Our first priority in establishing camps is that they should always stem from the local community. For this reason our work camps change yearly depending on the local need at any given time.

Example work camps

  • Renovating Care homes schools or other social buildings. For example: painting interior walls, creating murals, laying new floors, replacing doors and windows, installing/renovating playgrounds and helping to insulate walls.
  • Environmental projects. For example: hay meadow preservation, helping repair/restore natural mineral springs. A real beauty of Transylvania is its lush Fauna & Flora but with “development” comes a very real risk to the surrounding nature.
  • Agricultural project. For example: helping to maintain a community garden, building green houses, working on a local eco-farm and assisting the elderly members of the community during harvest time.
From 3 days up. 

Placement closures

This depends on the chosen work project. Building/outdoor projects are often limited to summer or spring due to the cold temperatures in winter and autumn.

How to organise a volunteer  work camp
If you are interested in organising a volunteer work camp send a letter of interest with your idea to the following address: office@care2travel.org