Special Needs Care Placement

​​The Special Needs Care project provides volunteers the opportunity to motivate and enrich the lives of these people living with disabilities.​ Due to the social stigma and lack of governmental support, there are many families in Romania who are unable to properly care for family members (young children and adults) with mental and physical disabilities such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Down syndrome. ​Volunteers will be expected to assist in the planning of games and educational activities for children and adults ​in special needs centers​, while also caring for them. For those with physical therapy training or experience, your tasks can include assisting with treatment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation for the children and adults. While some basic resources are available, volunteers will be required to use their initiative to develop activities and bringing resources to assist with pre-planned activities is encouraged.

The Special Needs Care project is great for volunteers who enjoy working with children and adults outside of the classroom. Strong organizational skills and the ability to improvise will be an added bonus on this project as providing care to children and adults with disabilities, with limited resources, can be challenging. However, the children and adults are incredibly enthusiastic and you will receive big smiles in return. Volunteers must be qualified in Special Education and/or Physical Therapies, or currently completing studies in these fields. It’s important to note that the Special Needs Care project requires volunteers to participate for a minimum duration of 2 weeks.