Charity that travels far !
Charity that travels far !

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Volunteering / Volunteer & Travel

  • To help financially sustain our volunteering activities Care2Travel offer a selection of adventure tours for volunteers and non-volunteers alike.
  • A tour may be added onto any volunteer placement or project (examples shown below) or can be booked alone.
  • Profits from all our tour activities go back into the association.
Volunteering and Travel NOT voluntourism
Important to C2T is that we keep our volunteering and tourist activities separate.
By joining a C2T tour you become a tourist: “a person who is travelling or visiting a place for pleasure “.  Although volunteering can be a pleasure the difference is you will be expected to work. Volunteering should not be seen as a holiday.

Example Volunteer placements and tours:
  • 1 month Teaching English and caring for disadvantaged children + 2 day winter tour
  • 2 week volunteer work camp + 10 day hiking tour
  • 5 day cycle tour  + 2 months supporting children and young adults with learning disabilities
  • 1 week summer camp + 1 day tour
  • 6 months environmental awareness and conservation + 10 day multi tour

If you are interested in combining a volunteer placement with one of our tours, when completing the volunteer application please state which tour you are interested in, the  duration and whether you would prefer the tour to be before or after your volunteer placement. A C2T representative will then get back to you with availabilities.