Charity that travels far !
Charity that travels far !

Testimonials / Linda Bahr, USA

"I arrived here in Romania on July 15, 2017 prepared to be a six-month agriculture volunteer through IVHQ and their local partner, Care2Travel.  Although I had some difficulties in Seattle during the boarding process, once I arrived at the Bucharest International Airport and saw my name card held by a gentleman with a huge smile on his face, I felt confident that the experience would be a memorable one.
One never knows how the living experience will be, but you have to prepare yourself in advance to be flexible and accommodating.  I walked in to a neat and welcoming apartment that was quite full at the time.  Summer in Csikszereda with Care2Travel is very popular amongst the younger adults looking for opportunities to work with kids in the Summer English Camp program.
I was taken to the farm at which would be my primary assignment and was delighted to find a wonderful and protective guard dog who I call “My Friend”, and his caretaker and farmer, Arpi.  Arpi spoke no English, but somehow, I knew that he and I would develop a great relationship.  I was correct.  He soon trusted me to work at the farm by myself and finally, to be able to take the dog for a walk.  To build this trust, I worked hard while there and showed commitment to his sustainable farming techniques.  Shortly after my start date, I also met with the Biologists from Pogany Havas, Laci and Peter.  I was delighted that they had numerous projects that I would be involved with throughout my stay here.  I have also been able to work with a very traditional Hungarian farmer, Attila, whose farm is in a smaller village not too far from Csikszereda.  The diverse work opportunities did not stop there.  I was able to assist at a large English Camp with two other volunteers, a week-long World Challenge opportunity with high school kids from Australia, and an opportunity to learn from a permaculture farmer in another smaller village about an hour from home.
Would I recommend coming to Romania.  Absolutely, without a doubt.
Linda Bahr, USA
Agriculture Volunteer, July - Dec. 2017

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