Charity that travels far !
Charity that travels far !

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We offer responsible volunteer placements that address real community need and allow you to experience life at the heart of the community.

We choose the placements carefully to make sure both you and your hosts get the maximum benefit from your time there.

And we’re here to help you every step of the way. You’ll get all the support and guidance you need to help make this a truly memorable and rewarding experience.

We believe that volunteering managed effectively can be hugely beneficial to all involved and can have multiple benefits throughout local communities.

How we achieve this:

  • Identify worthwhile and meaningful volunteer placements that are needed and wanted within the local community.

    When identifying a new volunteer placement with a local partner communication is fundamental. Time is spent discussing our partners needs, wants and capabilities and together we devise a volunteering placement that creates maximum benefit for all involved.

    “We choose our host partners thoughtfully, and prepare our volunteers carefully”.

  • Properly recruited and well-informed volunteers.

    Care2Travel works in collaboration with various sending organizations specialized in the recruitment of volunteers. Prior to arrival we ensure that all volunteers are provided with the necessary information that allows them to properly plan and prepare for their volunteer experience.

    On arrival volunteers are provided with a thorough induction and are given training where appropriate.   

    “Effective communication is vital to the success of our Volunteer Placements”

  • Providing support to volunteers /local partners ensuring placements are managed both responsibly and effectively.

    Paramount to all volunteer placements supported by Care2Travel is sustainability. We do not believe in quick fixes but instead strive for long-term working relationships with all our local partners. By providing effective guidance and training and promoting excellent leadership and a robust volunteer infrastructure we strive to ensure the sustainability of all volunteer placements.

    “Our aim is to work with and for the community”

  • Continuous improvement – Kaizen

    We do not claim to operate perfectly nor do our partners claim to provide the perfect service. What we do claim however is to continuously improve our services. Every volunteer placement has a rigorous feedback and evaluation process with the aim that all participants learn and grow from their experiences allowing for positive changes to occur.