Charity that travels far !
Charity that travels far !

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Volunteering / Responsible volunteering

Volunteering is a crucial renewable resource for social and environmental problem-solving the world over IF managed responsibly.

At Care2Travel we are confident in saying that we offer RESPONSIBLE  VOLUNTEER PLACEMENTS.

How are Care2Travel volunteer placements responsible?
  1. Our volunteer placements do not take away jobs from the local community.
  2. Our volunteer  placements  do not create  dependency. Volunteers provide an added benefit to an already established service .
  3. Our placements address a real need and want. C2T are actively involved in the local community and so have a thorough understanding of the social arcana. With this knowledge and by using use an effective assessment criteria we are able to establish projects that are both needed and wanted and NOT forced upon the local community.
  4. Volunteer placements are established after a thorough analysis of the host organizations capability  and willingness to effectively manage  volunteers.
  5. In-country support provided to the volunteers and host organizations. Volunteers can expect a 1-2 day induction, bi-weekly reviews and an exit review. In addition a C2T coordinator is available 24-7 in case of emergency. Regarding the host organizations, C2T provide on-going review sessions and volunteer management trainings.
  6. Safety. Our volunteer projects and accommodation are all risk assessed.
  7. All Volunteer placements have a clearly defined role, established in collaboration with the placement hosts and updated annually reflecting the changing need of the placement.
  8. Care2Travel is NOT profit focused therefore it addresses the needs of the volunteer and host communities equally irrespective of who provides the finances
  9. All money provided by the volunteer stays within the local community. Care2Travel is established in Romania, a main motivation for this being that all money stays in the country that it seeks to support .
  10. The well-being of the project beneficiaries. All foreign volunteers are required to provide a reference and criminal record check if working with children.
Whether you call our volunteer placements “Responsible, Ethical or Fairtrade” the most important issue is that the exchange between volunteer and the host community is balanced. For further information about the “Volunteer Exchange” see our section on “Why Volunteer

  • As an open and honest NGO we welcome healthy discussion about volunteering, the good, the bad and the ugly.

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