Charity that travels far !
Charity that travels far !

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Experience Romania by being a part of the community

By volunteering in a local school you can provide that much needed motivation that both the students and teachers need and deserve.
The Need:
Teaching salaries in Romania are extremely low, a teacher at the start of their career working full-time  can expect to make just shy of £200 a month. Often they are forced to take on private tutoring in order to have enough money to live. In addition in rural communities where poverty is highest many of the students come from extremely deprived backgrounds which are often accompanied with behavioural and or learning difficulties. With all this in mind it's not surprising that many teachers  lack motivation to teach to their full abilities.
By volunteering in a local school you can provide that much needed motivation that both the students and teachers need and deserve.

The work:
This is a unique opportunity to become directly involved in a local community, to provide a benefit to children and teachers alike and to gain work experience.
  • Day 1 – Volunteers spend the day with a Care2Travel coordinator who assists in the preparation for their time in the school making sure that activities planned are in accordance with what is currently being taught.
  • Day 2 – Volunteers visit various lessons where they assist the English teacher and provide engaging activities for the children.

Care2Travel works in numerous different schools in Harghita county ensuring that no class is saturated by volunteers.

Generally a class will never receive more than 1 volunteer visit per month.

The  general aim of this placement is not just to teach English but to enhance the motivation to learn the language over a longer period.

Example volunteer timetable

For a 2-day placement the cost is €60

Included – On-going management of the volunteer placements, prior communication with volunteers, 2 nights accommodation, 1 day training, administration costs and a small donation to the Care2Travel association.

Not included – Travel costs, food and personal allowance.

To understand why we charge to volunteer  please refer to our “Why Pay to volunteer” section.

2 days.

Placement closures
This placement is only available during the school term-time (mid September to mid June). In the summer months volunteers have the opportunity to work in one of our many summer camps for disadvantaged youth.

How to volunteer
If you are interested in volunteering on this placement:
  • Step 1 – send a letter of interest to the following address:
  • Step 2 – participate in a skype/telephone interview

We welcome all questions and queries and these can be directed to: